Episode 73 - Chrissie Delaney Cohen on Participating in ALS Research

July 29, 2016

Chrissie Delaney Cohen lost her mother to ALS and her sister has lived with ALS for over 5 years. Recently, she travelled to the University of Miami to participate in ALS research studies to help understand the genetics of families affected by ALS. In this podcast, she talks about how she got involved in the program, what it entailed, and why others should search for more ALS studies for themselves. Learn more about ALS and how to get involved at www.alsphiladelphia.org 


Episode 72 Jeff Oppenheimer

June 23, 2016

When Shelbie Oppenheimer was diagnosed with ALS in the 1990's, she and her husband Jeff quickly became a team united to find an end to the disease. Together they raised a wonderful daughter, get involved with ALS Association events, worked with the Phillies, and advocated on Capitol Hill in front of national lawmakers. Shelbie passed away from ALS after a long battle and Jeff continues to be a strong advocate and supporter. Listen to Jeff's perspective on this journey with ALS and then find more ways to get involved at www.alsphiladelphia.org 


Episode 71 Wes Rose

June 15, 2016

Wes Rose has been living with ALS for over 10 years. As a father, husband, advocate, and board member with The ALS Association Greater Philadelphia Chapter, Wes has fought ALS from all angles. In this podcast, Wes joins the discussion from his office at Arcadia University to talk about the support of the Philadelphia Phillies, his organizing efforts for Team Rose Pedals in the Ride to Defeat ALS, and how young people like his sons and their friends such as JD Florio, are next generation leaders to end ALS. Listen and support the ride at www.als-express.org 


Episode 70 Matt Doroshow

June 8, 2016

Matt Doroshow and the students at Colonial Middle School in Montgomery County, PA have run the extremely successful 4 on 4 for a Cure Basketball Tournament for the last few years to raise money for ALS research. In this podcast, Matt and two students in the Hoops for Hope Committee, MacKenzie and Charley, talk about organizing for the event and the excitement of bring people together for a good cause. They are so good at putting together this event that this year, it raised over $18,000! 


Episode 69 Dale Miller

May 20, 2016

Dale Miller has had a remarkable career in the United States Marines. In this podcast, Dale talks about how he began developing symptoms of ALS while serving in the military, the care he receives through the VA and The ALS Association, his work in ALS advocacy, and the strong help from the Philadelphia Phillies.

Listen, subscribe on iTunes, and get involved further at www.alsphiladelphia.org 

Episode 68 John Russo on Talking about ALS

May 11, 2016

Often when we discuss ALS and other serious diseases, we use words like hero and brave to describe those who are most affected. However, is that how people with ALS want to be described? In this podcast, John Russo talks about his life with ALS and about the words he likes and dislikes, how people can offer to help in person, and why the best way for people to be a friend to someone with a disease is to not wait until they need a friend, but to start now, before ALS or something like it enters the pictures.

Listen, share, and get involved in supporting ALS care and research at www.alsphiladelphia.org 

Episode 67 John Crawford

May 3, 2016

When the ALS Association Greater Philadelphia Chapter created a t-shirt design contest, many people offered some great ideas. John Crawford created a winning design called CURE ALS based off the Love Park statue in Philadelphia. In this Podcast, John talks about his father's battle with ALS, enjoying the Phillies World Series win together, and how he hopes his shirt design will bring more awareness to ALS and the services and research through The ALS Association. Purchase your CURE ALS shirt at https://www.booster.com/alsphilly today


Episode 66 Violet Graham

April 27, 2016

Military veterans are twice as likely to be diagnosed with ALS as the general population. In this podcast, Violet Graham of the Paralyzed Veterans of America talks about her role in supporting veterans with ALS, making sure that they get the services that they need and deserve, and advocating for their families. Violet works with The ALS Association to connect veterans in Pennsylvania to multiple services to ensure that they get help quickly and efficiently. Learn more about what the PVA does for people with ALS at http://www.pva.org/site/c.ajIRK9NJLcJ2E/b.7896959/k.50AF/Find_ALS_Information_and_Resources.htm 


Episode 65 Sandra Sage

April 21, 2016

Sandra Sage of West Chester, PA  just recently joined the Chapter board and she is very familiar with ALS, having lost her mother to the disease in 2006. She has assisted the Chapter in enlisting the support of her employer, Clemens Food Group and is highly motivated to promote the many Chapter events in the area such as the Walk to Defeat ALS®. Sandra has worked in the grocery business for thirty years and brings fresh ideas, energy, and dedication to the ALS cause.

Listen and share her podcast and get involved at www.alsphiladelphia.org 

Episode 64 Cory Walts

April 13, 2016

Cory Walts, the Fitness Center Director and Strength and Conditioning Coach at Haverford College, has been organizing the Joe Schwartz '83 Memorial 3k Run/Walk since 2008. In this podcast, Cory talks about his years organizing this great event, the support from students, staff, and alumni, and how this activity has grown over the years to raise thousands of dollars for the ALS cause. Listen, subscribe on iTunes, share, and join the Ninth Annual Run/Walk on Sunday, April 24 by signing up at https://www.facebook.com/JoeSchwartz3K or at http://haverfordathletics.com/genrel/joe_schwartz_information_SC