ALS Podcast

Advancing the Mission through Advancing Communication

February 2, 2017

In 1977, The ALS Association Greater Philadelphia Chapter started with a promise to listen to people with ALS and create solutions to their every day needs while investing in research to end ALS for good. When Alisa Brownlee started with the Chapter in 1996, there were not many ways for the Chapter to do that listening except in face to face meetings. Since she began, the technology at the Chapter and nationally at The ALS Association, has grown by leaps and bounds to better assist ALS families while providing information and services faster than ever imagined.

In this Podcast, Alisa talks about how the Chapter went from only having one computer with internet access in 1996 to now communicating and serving ALS families through a multifunctional website, social media, video streaming, Telemedicine and more. Listen, share, subscribe and get involved today to continue #AdvancingTheMission at 

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