ALS Podcast

What is ALS Research? Podcast with Dr. Jill Yersak

November 30, 2016

ALS is a difficult and complicated disease. Most people who are affected by ALS have not spent much time researching it until they or someone that they care for has been diagnosed. Everybody has questions, from the very general understanding of the disease to details about research, genetics, and more.

Dr. Jill Yersak, Manager of Research Communications at The ALS Association, is sharing her expertise in a running series on ALS research questions. In this Podcast, Dr. Yersak takes part in a conversation by talking about What is ALS research?

Each year, people across the country and around the world donate to fund ALS research. In this podcast, Dr. Jill Yersak from The ALS Association helps answer the question - What is ALS Research? Why is it so complicated? What makes it take so long to complete?

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