Talk to Defeat ALS - 5 Minute Tip: Go Bag

August 14, 2018

In this latest Five Minute Tip, Alisa Brownlee talks about the importance of a Go Bag for a person with ALS in case of emergencies. She talks about what to include in a Go Bag, where to put it, and why it is so vital. For more questions about a Go Bag, emergency preparedness, or Assistive Technology, email Alisa at


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Talk to Defeat ALS - Your First ALS Clinic Visit

August 9, 2018

A diagnosis of ALS can be daunting and stressful. In this podcast, Alisa Brownlee discusses what to expect in your first visit to an ALS Association Treatment Center and how the clinic team works to make your experience less stressful so that you can get the care and resources you need. Alisa talks about which healthcare professionals you will meet, how to prepare for your first visit, asking questions, and what kind of follow up you and the care team will do after that visit. To learn more about the ALS Treatment Centers through The ALS Association Greater Philadelphia Chapter, visit and if you live outside of PA/NJ/DE visit to find a chapter and clinic near you.


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Five Minute Tip - Amazon Echo and ALS

August 7, 2018

Alisa Brownlee discusses the benefits of the Amazon Echo device for people with ALS to navigate their homes and lives. Listen, share, and learn more about resources for people with ALS caregivers at and follow on social media @alsphiladelphia 


Talk to Defeat ALS Larry Delaney

May 21, 2018

As part of ALS Awareness Month, Larry Delaney joins our Talk to Defeat ALS podcast to talk about his family's long battle with the disease, his involvement with the Chapter on the board, and how you can make a difference. Listen to hear his personal story and then join him at an upcoming ALS event with Delaney Strong or any of our families at 


Talk to Defeat ALS Advocacy with Melissa and Alisa

May 11, 2018

Each year, hundreds of ALS advocates go to Washington, DC to share their stories with their members of Congress and seek continued funding for ALS research. In this podcast episode, Public Policy Director Tony Heyl and Chapter Care Services members Alisa Brownlee and Melissa Coll discuss the ins and outs of ALS Advocacy, how to organize a meeting, and how to navigate Capitol Hill.


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Talk to Defeat ALS with Wendy Barnes

May 3, 2018

One of the most valued parts of The ALS Association Greater Philadelphia Chapter's Care Services is the Howard I. Abrams In-Home Care Program. In this podcast, Chapter social worker Wendy Barnes discusses how she runs the In-Home Care program, what the goals of the program are, how it has evolved over the years and grown to help more families, and how she makes sure that everyone gets the right fit for a caregiver.


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Talk to Defeat ALS Tom Scamuffa

March 15, 2018

For the tenth year in a row, Tom Scamuffa and his Team Scamuffa ae hosting a Car Show in Wagontown, PA to help raise money for ALS care and research. In this Talk to Defeat ALS podcast, Tom talks about the inspiration for his car show event, what people can expect to see this year, and learn how you can join him for this year's Team Scamuffa Car Show on Saturday, April 28. Listen, share, and then learn more at or email 



Talk to Defeat ALS - Steve Spaulding

March 1, 2018

The Arthur and Lea R. Powell Care Services Department is the heart of The ALS Association Greater Philadelphia Chapter's mission. In this special Talk to Defeat ALS podcast, Director of Care Services Steve Spaulding provides an overview of his department, how it is organized to best serve families affected by ALS, and how the Chapter is improving these programs to ensure that each person with ALS gets the quality care that they need.

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Talk to Defeat ALS with Father John Wagner

January 18, 2018

Father John Wagner has lived an exciting and inspired life. He has helped design airports, traveled the world, raised a family, and provided comfort for those in need. In this podcast, Father John talks with us about his life and about his path to becoming diagnosed with ALS, how he shared that news with his church and friends, his involvement in the Walk to Defeat ALS, and his hope for others, particularly caregivers. Listen, subscribe on iTunes, and then get involved today in the fight against ALS at 


Talk to Defeat ALS - Goudie Family Part 2

August 23, 2017

Over 15 years ago, Bob Goudie and the Goudie family launched the Ocean City Board...Walk to Defeat ALS in honor of Bob's wife. Since then, the walk has raised millions of dollars to support the fight against ALS and raised hope for many ALS families in New Jersey and beyond.

In Part Two of our two part Talk to Defeat ALS series with the Goudie family, Bob, Kevin, Debby, and Sam talk about the people who have inspired them over the past 15 years, the incredible support from Village ShopRite and the Ocean City community, and how they continue to innovate the walk each and every year. Listen, share, subscribe, and make sure to Register and Donate for the 2017 Ocean City Board...Walk to Defeat ALS on Saturday, September 16 at