Episode 65 Sandra Sage

April 21, 2016

Sandra Sage of West Chester, PA  just recently joined the Chapter board and she is very familiar with ALS, having lost her mother to the disease in 2006. She has assisted the Chapter in enlisting the support of her employer, Clemens Food Group and is highly motivated to promote the many Chapter events in the area such as the Walk to Defeat ALS®. Sandra has worked in the grocery business for thirty years and brings fresh ideas, energy, and dedication to the ALS cause.

Listen and share her podcast and get involved at www.alsphiladelphia.org 

Episode 64 Cory Walts

April 13, 2016

Cory Walts, the Fitness Center Director and Strength and Conditioning Coach at Haverford College, has been organizing the Joe Schwartz '83 Memorial 3k Run/Walk since 2008. In this podcast, Cory talks about his years organizing this great event, the support from students, staff, and alumni, and how this activity has grown over the years to raise thousands of dollars for the ALS cause. Listen, subscribe on iTunes, share, and join the Ninth Annual Run/Walk on Sunday, April 24 by signing up at https://www.facebook.com/JoeSchwartz3K or at http://haverfordathletics.com/genrel/joe_schwartz_information_SC 


Episode 63 Bryan Cutler and Ellyn Phillips

April 6, 2016

Pennsylvania State Representative Bryan Cutler returns to the ALS Podcast to talk about his personal history with ALS and the power of advocacy. He is joined by Greater Philadelphia Chapter President Ellyn Phillips as she shares her ALS story on the podcast for the first time and talks about how she and Bryan have known each other for over 20 years in their united battle to end ALS. In this episode, Bryan and Ellyn talk about how ALS has impacted their lives, the value of sharing stories with elected officials, and the growth of The ALS Association in Pennsylvania over the past decades. They also talk about why you should participate in ALS Advocacy in Harrisburg on Wednesday, May 18 or visit Washington, DC from May 8-10. Email Tony@alsphiladelphia.org for more details on how to get involved. 


Episode 62 with Tom Giordano

March 30, 2016
It’s #PodcastDay and today, Tom Giordano of Pond Lehocky Stern Giordano, LLP joins the #Podcast to share his personal story about losing his uncle to ALS and how that experience has influenced his legal career, helping people with Social Security Disability, including others with ALS. Tom is also proud to be among our first sponsors for the 2016 Greater Philadelphia Walk to Defeat ALS. Listen, share, comment, and then join Tom and thousands of others at a walk near you at www.gpcwalktodefeatals.org or find more events at www.alsphiladelphia.org 

Episode 61 Chris Scofield and Scott Israel

March 23, 2016

Chris Scofield and Scott Israel are both passionate about ALS and the ALS Express bike ride. In this podcast, they talk about their past experience with the ride, their new role on the bike committee, and about how their personal connections to ALS make them so dedicated to finding a cure. Listen, subscribe, share, and then join them at ALS Express on Saturday, June 18, ending at Morey's Piers, by registering at www.als-express.org 


Episode 60 Dan Quinn

March 16, 2016

The Lake-Quinn family has been raising money for ALS research for 25 years in memory of Billy Lake and in this Podcast, Dan Quinn talks about the quarter century of work for the ALS cause, how loved Billy was by family and friends, and the work that he and Patti Lake-Quinn do for their multiple events with the Chapter. Learn more about the Billy Lake NCAA Beef and Beer on Friday, March 18 and the fall Billy Lake Basketball Marathon at www.billylake.org and get involved today 


Episode 59 Christina Martin

March 10, 2016

In the fall of 2015, Chris Martin, Chair of the Greater Philadelphia Walk to Defeat ALS, talked about his family story on our ALS Podcast. Now his mother, Christina Martin, talks about working with her son to fight ALS, how her husband Wayne fought ALS nearly 10 years ago and the Chapter services that helped then, the many events she enjoys, and her extensive work on the Chapter's board. Listen, subscribe on iTunes, and then get involved in the ALS cause today at www.alsphiladelphia.org 


Episode 58 Jill Cawthern

March 3, 2016

Jill Cawthern was just 9 years old when her father Tom passed away from ALS in 2001. Since then, her family has continued to fight ALS in his name in many ways, especially with ALS Advocacy. For a decade now, Jill has attended ALS Advocacy Days in Washington, DC with her mother Jayne, where she has made friend and, more importantly, made a difference in securing funding for vital research programs. Listen, share, subscribe, and join us for Advocacy Days in Washington, DC from May 8-10 at www.alsa.org/advocacy/ 


Episode 57 with Jen LaRegina, RN

February 24, 2016

Jen LaRegina has been a nurse with The ALS Association Greater Philadelphia Chapter for eight years, with a focus on Northeast Pennsylvania. Her hometown of Sugarloaf may be small, but she has a wide reach to help people with ALS and their families. In this podcast, Jen talks about how care has improved in her eight years, providing services to a rural population, and the benefits of technology. This May, Jen will be involved with the NEPA Walk to Defeat ALS. Join her at www.nepawalktodefeatals.org 


Episode 56 Jamey PIggott

February 18, 2016

Jamey Piggott has worked for The ALS Association Greater Philadelphia Chapter for roughly six months, but he's been connected to the ALS cause for many years. In this podcast, Jamey shares stories of his friend Wes's battle with ALS, how the events department works at the Chapter, and what he learned at the annual ALS Association Leaderships Conference. Jamey is very involved in the ALS Express Ride to Defeat ALS, Hot Chocolate, and the Walk to Defeat ALS. Join him at one of these events at www.alsphiladelphia.org